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People always say to me, ‘how do you have time to cook’? I always respond: ‘If you don’t cook, what do you eat every day?’

The baffling question of cooking and time is a common theme. For me, cooking is like taking a shower or watching your favourite Netflix series; It’s simply routine. A way of life, If I didn’t cook, what would I eat? What would my two little boys and husband eat? I know many people rely on takeaways, for me this is a treat, not a regular occurrence. As you start to cook more you realise how much tastier home cooking is.

From a very young age food and cooking fascinated me

I remember watching cookery shows when I was about 6 and then pretending I was actually on TV teaching people how to cook! My mum would always say to me I need to learn how to make round chapatis by age 8 otherwise no one would marry me! I didn’t want to cook Indian food, I wanted to learn all this different food I’d seen on television. In the 80s the only exposure I got to different food was school dinners! I loved my school dinners.

My first taste of roast chicken, sausages and mash and Pasta! I was hooked, I was intrigued. Then it began. I started to cook simple dishes I would have at school and realised I could eat whatever I wanted if I cooked it myself. My signature dish aged 10 was a vegetable Lasagne! It would take me 3 hours to make but the family loved it and then I was addicted, I had fallen in love with cooking.

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