Cooking with Nisha


Specialist menu design & development,
designed around your brand.

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Your menu is the backbone of your restaurant. It’s vital that it appeals to your audience, aligns with your brand, and stays on top of the latest culinary trends.

Whether you a startup developing a menu from scratch or a long-established restaurant in need of a refresh, Nisha can help create a menu of innovative, on-trend and enticing dishes that your customers will love.

Herself a restaurant owner, Nisha understands that success is in the detail. She works closely with you to design a menu that not only looks and tastes great, but works within the constraints of your budget and kitchen.

From a very young age food and cooking fascinated me

I remember watching cookery shows when I was about 6 and then pretending I was actually on TV teaching people how to cook! My mum would always say to me I need to learn how to make round chapatis by age 8 otherwise no one would marry me! I didn’t want to cook Indian food, I wanted to learn all this different food I’d seen on television. In the 80s the only exposure I got to different food was school dinners! I loved my school dinners.

My first taste of roast chicken, sausages and mash and Pasta! I was hooked, I was intrigued. Then it began. I started to cook simple dishes I would have at school and realised I could eat whatever I wanted if I cooked it myself. My signature dish aged 10 was a vegetable Lasagne! It would take me 3 hours to make but the family loved it and then I was addicted, I had fallen in love with cooking.

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